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The Complete Stun Gun Buyers Guide (Part 1) – How to Buy the Best One For You

Are you considering to buy a stun gun to defend yourself? If so…Are you wondering which model is the best one for you? If the answer to these two questions is affirmative, then you have come to the right place. You don’t need to look any further than this three-parts guide, which reviews all the information you need to arrive at the best decision.In this first part of our stun gun buyers guide, I will help you decide which stun weapon shape is best for you. Yes: The first thing you must decide is whether you want a traditional-looking stun gun, a mini stun gun, a cell phone stun gun, or a stun baton. Although all of them still fall under the stun gun category, which one you choose must match your particular needs, for very important reasons. Read on and you’ll see what I mean.Regular stun guns are generally a better option for men. Why? The answer is simple: their size and shape. Men usually have bigger hands, and thus feel better with stun weapons that are relatively bigger and easier for them to manipulate under stressful circumstances. They also feel less reluctant to carry their non lethal device on a holster attached to their belts. Plus they feel really attracted to more masculine-looking weapons such as the “Knuckle Blaster 950,000 Volts” or the “Double Trouble 1.2 Million Volts” (of course, that doesn’t mean that gentlemen do not like the remaining stun gun models as well).In contrast, most women are generally more fashion-oriented, and do not enjoy carrying a relatively bigger stun weapon on a holster attached to their belts. Consequently, traditional-looking stun guns are not usually their best choice (although some exceptions are described below). The importance of this point cannot be stressed enough: you must be honest with yourself and choose what you’re really going to use. A big non lethal device will not be of any help if you leave it at home, or even if you carry it at the bottom of your purse: chances are you will find it hard to get it out fast, specially if you get attacked by surprise.Therefore, a better option for women is usually a mini stun gun (these are small enough to fit inside a cigarette package!). Because these models are definitively smaller, they fit smaller hands better than regular stun devices. Just in case you were wondering, their smaller size does not compromise their powerfulness at all: these can be as powerful as regular stun weapons (depending on the voltage you choose)! Moreover, they are easier to conceal (won’t spoil your appearance), and easier to carry around either on a smaller (and less visible) holster or inside your purse’s outside pockets (which are more accessible than your purse’s insides).It must be clarified that these are just general guidelines, and thus exceptions abound: Some women do use regular stun guns as well, without sacrificing their femininity at all (for instance, women who are physically taller or those who prefer more visually-threatening weapons), while some men use mini stun devices, too (specially those who prefer easier to carry around options: this does not sacrifice their masculinity either). The important point to keep in mind is to be practical: if you don’t pay attention to the shape you choose, you might find it hard to carry your non lethal weapon around later on, and thus you might be tempted not to use it at all. So be realistic and choose wisely before you get yours.That clarified, another shape that stun weapons usually assume is the cell phone stun gun. These non lethal (but still powerful) devices are preferred by both men and women, specially those who are professionals or students (who need to carry them around in their jobs or in the library, without arousing attention to it). Although you can achieve just the same with a mini stun gun or a smaller, regular stun device (such as the “Z-Force 300,000 Volts”), a cell phone weapon offers you the unique advantage of letting you take it out of your purse or holster without arousing any suspicion that you’re getting ready for action (after all, these powerful weapons look just like regular cell phones).A word of advice: Take into account that any secured location where you pass through a security checkpoint (such as Federal and State buildings) may prohibit carrying cell phone stun devices (and stun weapons in general). So just because you can fool others into believing that you are unarmed doesn’t mean that you should. Remember to always follow the legal guidelines that apply to the state and area you live in.The last available stun gun shape is the stun baton. These non lethal weapons offer you the alternative of defending yourself while keeping some distance between you and the aggressor. However, these models are definitively bigger and harder to conceal. That’s why stun batons are preferred mostly by security guards (because of their size), although regular civilians with special needs also use them as well (for instance, dog walkers and seniors). Stun Flashlights (a combination of a flashlight and a stun gun) are also included within this category (stun batons), and are definitively a great option for drivers.Well, now you know how to choose between a regular stun gun, a mini stun gun, a cell phone stun gun, and a stun baton! In part two of this article series, you’ll find out how to choose your stun weapon’s voltage, and that’s something you surely don’t want to miss. See you then!